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Sandy has been officially replaced by Chris Pate. He has been auditioned and Dan and I believe that he will greatly help us in our musical vision. I know a lot of our fans will be upset that sandy is out, we will too, but we just have to move on and improve...

The BlueStage show was a success. Many people showed up from Addison or otherwise. Thanks for the support, it was fun. Hope all and more of you show up for our next show!!!

CB9 Skeletons

Hate What You've Created!

Cd Cover

James Shuster: VoCAls

Chris Pate: GUitAr

????: bASS

Dan Bean: DRUmS/vOCalS

In case you don't know were a 4 piece hard rock/metal band from Addison MI. Our current goal is to get signed so we can introduce our music to a wider audience. Some of our inspirations include Pantera, Deftones, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, (old)Metallica, Tool, Stabbing Westward, Rammstein, Korn, Staind, Coal Chamber, and Machine Head.

We are finished recording our self-titled cd which will be released shortly, you can find the cover picture in the discography with the track listing.We also have a new MESSAGE BOARD and ONLINE STORE; at the bottom of this page.

On this homepage I might include information about the band, upcoming shows,merchandise, recordings and current events.The site is constantly updated so keep checking back for more new shit.

Thanks for taking a look at our site. Be sure to sign the guestbook below or send me a private e-mail with your thoughts and suggestions.


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