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These are a few of the songs that weve recently been playing that are going to be on the cd.



Insolent fool, Slave of my power,
Judgement served, In your fatal hour,
Step into my court, You will be judged,
Who am I, To hold a grudge?
Weak mortal, Approaching your final tomorrow,
I feed, Upon your fear and sorrow,
There's nothing, That you can do,
You're nothing, I'm above you.

Minority, Majority, Deformity, Conformity,
As I look down you see,
Just who I am,
Death by my hand,
I am the Overlord!

Mindless puppet, To me you're just a toy,
Your soul, Is mine to destroy,
You're a lifeless shell, So step up to your trial,
Everything will end, In just a little while,
Your life will rest, You've dug yourself a grave,
It's too late, Now to be saved,
Not a thing, That you can do,
You're nothing, I'm above you.

(repeat chorus)

Meaning: This song was one I wrote for the band currently known as Bastroid (www.bastroid.com)when they were thinking about calling themselves Overlord.We later decided it was too bad ass to give up.It's mostly about a power struggle, and being judged for being the pathetic piece of shit you really are before your "Overlord" which is a force you're powerless against.


All American Psychopath

Please rise for the pledge of allegiance...

I'm the portrait of an american lunatic,
Could have stood for the dream but you ruined it,
People fuck around calling me insane,
But they don't know my problems, Can't feel my pain,
Fucking freaking out inside my cell,
All the while the world's a living hell,
I can't save the earth, I can't save a thing,
I only wish that one day I could be a king,
But there's nothing left, And I can't be best.

I've bled allegiance to the flag,
Of the united hate of america,
Burned into the republic, By your hands,
One nation is a fraud, With issues and trauma for all.

I'm all caught up in these chains,
In these shackles, Bound and restrained,
There's these voices in my head,
Nowhere to go, No escape 'til I'm dead,
People that I hate run through my mind,
I sit alone and try to unwind,
When I'm unleashed the world will feel my wrath,
they'll see they've created an all american psychopath.

(repeat chorus) FUCK! (repeat chorus)

I'm so proud to be an American...



Black pedals fall from my window sill,
Blood drips from the vase, I watch it spill,
I see your torment through my window,
gazing through the glass but you don't know...
The pain that I don't show.
Life drips away from my right eye,
Consisting of things inside I've caused to die,
This is the place that holds my soul,
I'm incomplete, never will I be whole.

I have no home, I live in you,
Stick to your ways like super glue,
Knife incizing,
I drink what I bleed,
feel it driving into me,
fatally deciding.

I live so far below the earth,
Sometimes I wonder if my life has any real worth,
Wishing to dig above all the life that I can't see,
A fallen angel I just want to fly free...
Above hell without sympathy.
Blisters stain my skin and nails,
Life is a journey that I soon shall fail,
Traumas and trials are paths leading to hate,
This is not opinion, this is your lonely fate.

(repeat chorus)

Meaning:Leeches is about being an outsider and seeing the world's true ways through tear stained eyes.It's kind of a story about a lonely soul awaiting their fatal downfall.

Porcelain Dream


There isn't time, There isn't space,
There aren't any feelings in my place,
There isn't eyes now I can't see,
I can't hear or taste or breathe,
Have no hands, Now I can't feel,
Can't believe I love you still,
Have no strength, It all was used,
I've never been so abused.

I can't remember why,
I can't change the past,
I can't change the world, I hope it won't last,
look to the sky, To change what never will,
I'm waiting for answers, But there's no answers still.

There isn't good, There isn't bad,
There aren't any ways to make me mad,
There isn't trust, I can't be free,
You can't judge so let me be,
Have no legs now I can't walk,
Bite my tongue now I can't talk,
Have no words, They've all been said,
I can't get this thought out of my head.

(repeat chorus)

Meaning:Still is mostly about hoping for something that will never happen and losing your faith because your prayers are going unanswered.It's a lot of frustration and pain directed toward god.


When I first met you,
Your eyes were dark and dead,
Through this life you pounded,
Confusion in my head,
That sinister smile,
Could make a god die,
I'm so fucking sad,
Shows even evil cries.

When I first loved you,
It felt much more like hate,
Those evil eyes controlled me,
Like some twisted path of fate,
Thrown away,
Misguided and mistaken,
Your seductive darkness,
Has caused my heart to awaken.

I stand still as you eat my mind,
You please my heart when you make it die,
In the dark I hear the demons calling,
This is the hateful love, the true end...

You were a puzzle,
I wondered if you could be solved,
I was drawn in,
Forced to become involved,
You could destroy me,
So easily in vain,
I've fallen for this darkness,
Living for your pain.

(repeat chorus)

I have fallen,
Back to the sky.

Meaning:You please my heart when you make it die


Set your sentence with your sins,
I'm hell, I'm hate, So let me in,
I will become you(x2)
I will destroy.

You're soaked in blood, Filthy with shame,
I'm inside, Playing you like a game,
I will become you(x2)
I will destroy.

(I eat away your conscience)
I become your mind,
You're too weak to fight it,
Let me inside!

I am your thoughts,
I make you numb,
Do you like what you've become?

Death to all that stand in my way,
I will feed and throw you away,
I will become you(x2)
I am death.

Resist and be erased,
I will put you into your place,
I will become you(x2)
I am death.

(repeat chorus)

Becoming!(x3)Becoming you!

Meaning:This song is kind of about parasitism.It's about "god" polluting you and tormenting you, not really god like above, but more so god of the disgusting human that the narrator is infesting, like god of you, as an individual, or master of you.It's kind of weird like that but it's cool.

Endless Pain


I never wanted it this way,
Get pulled in then pushed away,
Theres too much crying in my mind,
As I serch for myself inside.

I see your face,
I don't know what to feel,
My corroded heart remains concealed.

I see hate in your eyes,
Your stare I now despise,
I can't take all the blame,
I'll forever live in shame.

(repeat chorus)

I want to know,
God, did you feel like me?
I don't deserve,
The life you've created for me.

(repeat chorus)

I see pain in your tears,
Washing memories from the years,
Many nights spent in dismay,
I never wanted it this way.

(repeat chorus)

Endless Pain

My pain, as an individual strength,
To rid you from my mind,
For you I go to any length,
While you sit back and watch me die...
Bleeding, from my wounds,
This all comes from you,
Blood pours from the womb,
Until my life is through.


My life, a toy for you to mutilate,
I've gave it all away,
on and off you've raged my hate,
Now I want you to pay...
regretting everything I've done for you,
You took it all away,
left me all alone to lose,
I only see you to blame.

(repeat chorus)

You cannot fucking run,
From what you've caused.

(repeat chorus)

Meaning:Endless Pain is kind of my own personal anthem, it reminds me of all the pieces of shit that have fucked me over.It is displaying the hatred and pain that I feel toward them. The person I originally said I wrote it about ACTUALLY has nothing to do with the song, she just helped me remember everyone that has made me feel like shit, it was only a simple case of misdirected anger.

Everything Dead

God Fell...

God fell to his knees!

I am the god of all things profane,
Leading forward the insane,
Releaving all of their mental distress,
Taking control to crush the useless.
(God fell to his knees)
Fighting society and trampling barracades,
I show the light so don't be afraid,
I'm fucking up your mindless slop,
6 clicks turning until they drop.
(God fell to his knees)

Drowning (I am your disease)
Suffocating (Dead and proud)
Bleeding (Ignoring my pleas)
Waiting (Fucking you out)
Anything to be with the trend.

I crush villiages like a train,
Cut me off this is your pain,
Religious teachers say Jesus saves,
but leads you all to your blind graves.
(God fell to his knees)
I don't care for all of that shit,
in all of your faces I will spit,
Cracking skulls to break the borders,
Welcoming you into world disorder.
(God fell to his knees)

(Repeat chorus)

Memories suspended in time,
Surrounded by oceans of sky,
I won't give up on you this time,
please don't ask me why.

I'm Ready

And why should I care,at all?
But to look at you and rip out my hair,out of anger,
I bash my head against the wall,
Everything I heard about you was true,
My undevoted love is too much to bear,
Alone in this state of mind,suffocated...and strangled.

I'm ready to die (I'm ready)
Seems no way out for me (I'm ready)
but this barrel holds the truth (I'm ready)
I just want to be free...I'm Ready!

Stale whispers of your lies,consume my mind,
Not knowing I swallow her cries,damn,
How could I be so fucking blind?
My real feelings for you were never showing,
Unbearable love my heart denies,
As I cock the trigger back...BANG!

(repeat chorus)

Meaning: This is a beautiful song written by our drummer Dan, we'll have him write the meaning shortly....


An All Out Shred

I've bled so many times, Shed so many tears,
Waiting for my payback from all my worthless fears,
Of all the times I've bled,
And all the tears I've shed,
None of it's real, No pain can I feel, ow!

Never surrender to my fears,
All my love won't draw you near,
Can't ever be what you see,
God help me.
You think you're what you're not,
Stick around and you'll get shot,
Is it really worth the risk?
Don't fuck me without a kiss.

Run down the time,
Can't beat the time,
You'll soon be dead,
An all out shred.

Hear the sound of breaking glass,
Fuck with me I'll kick your ass,
My heart you will desecrate,
Now you want me but it's too late,
Don't hold back, retaliate,
My whole world deteriorates,
Buried in hollow earth,
I feel the coming of my rebirth.

(repeat chorus)

Meaning: This song is about wasting all your time on a dream and feeling that all your hard work was for nothing. It also tells about a time that the band was feeling washed up already and never going anywhere.

* Some images used from Spawn.com
*All songs written and arranged by Cell Block9 (J.Shuster/S.Sabin/D.Bean)