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These are all the thank you's we owe to everybody.

Thank You

(in no specific order)
The band (us)|Everyone that has supported us at our shows|Nicky Burgen and her Family|Big John and the staff at Woodstock Wine and Cheese|TC and the staff at the Bluestage|Josiah Engel|Miles Harris|Josh Gietek|Charlie and JoAnn VanSickle|Sanders, Eric and Betty Sabin|Jim and Suzanne Shuster|Johnny and Maria Bean|Miles' mom|Judith Engel|Mrs.Gietek|Dennis, Pam, Sonny and Sam Long|Jim Waggoner|Kurt Cobain|Mike McAuliffe and Melissa Gillin|Clair and Jordan Zawodny|Sherry Moore|Lindsey Perry|Keirston and Theresa Baker|Sheena Adams|Steve Pfister|Troy Bailey|Lauren Figiel|Amber Witte|Jimmy Dahms|Maureen Cherry|Val Ryan|Bonnie Pagenkopf|Jason McDonoughca|Chris Morris|Kathryn Kellk|Jordan Kohl|Keith Herring|Bushey|Jake Hannibal|Eric Ford|Josh "Whitey" White|Will Tomes|Will Davenport|Anita Torres|Jenny Daniels|Jeremy McKinney|Ashley Dillon|Heather Kohli|Rhonda Bell|Uncle Bill|Michelle House|Denise Lambros|David Williams|Nikki Howell|tz|Connie|Claudia|Leslie DuBois|"Corey Taylor"|Shane's cousin Amy|Rachel|Leslie from Onsted|John the "cocksucking child molester"|Brandon Shepherd|Lauren Lovett|Sally|Jesika Hanes|Jamie Houghton|Cherry Pepsi|Cold Luigi's pizza|Sierra Mist|Zig-Zags|Weed|Mike's Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice|Bud Light|Skittles|oh yeah and we can't forget that one guy with the face and hair..or some shoes or something... and if we forgot anyone... Sorry.

Bands We thank. . .
Impure|Pet Devil|Know Lyfe|Twitch|Kamikaze|Catalyst|The Ashcats|Supergenius|Bastroid|Skeleton Crew|