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Sandy's Last Performance With Cellblock 9 12/2/01

The show at the BlueStage Club in Napoleon on November 30, 2001 was Sandy's last show with Cellblock 9. He announced his decision to the band a while ago, and his last day as an official member of Cellblock 9 was the day of our Bluestage show. Sandy has been replaced by Chris Pate, one of a few guitarists chosen by James and Dan. He has been auditioned and we believe that he greatly help us in accomplishing our musical vision. We are currently working on new songs as Chris learns all of our album songs, we plan to be back on our feet shortly to go completely insane for you and return better than ever. So be prepared, we'll be back onstage shortly...

Shane Quit 11/5/01

Well it's official Shane has quit the band, he moved to Ypsi with his sister, he has also quit as the drummer in Bastroid (http://www.bastroid.com for more info). We currently have no one to replace him but were looking and should have a replacement shortly, we'll keep you posted, so check back.

Reserve a Copy of Our Album 9/21/01

Cell Block9 is currently recording their upcoming cd "Imprisoned Souls." This title is not yet definite, as we may just self-title the album. It should be finished in a short amount of time, but be patient, it's on it's way. It's gonna take a little longer than we expected to mix the damn thing, so we'll start advertising it as soon as it's done, but not to be released before November 15 (rough guess), so if you want one, the best bet is to reserve one by emailing us or signing the guestbook. (You can find our address on the "Contact the band" section)also e-mail us for additional information on the upcoming album. This will be first come, first serve, so you may not be able to receive one ON Nov. 15, but the sooner you reserve, the quicker you'll get your hands on a copy. You can find the official cover in the discography section along with a brief track listing. The price of the album is not yet configured, as we just got some unexpected expenses for it's release coming DIRECTLY out of OUR pockets. We'll tell you as soon as we know. Reserve a copy now!

Cell Block 9 is Registered!04/30/01

I have just recently officially (and legally)registered the name "Cell Block9" at bandregister.com so it is active worldwide.Now any of you bastards that wanted to steal our name can't.


DErAngEd asked us to play a show with them in late January at the Bluestage, were still trying to get more info but it's a possibility. keep checking back, if we hear anything positive it will be in the news section.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!